Exactly 4 years ago since I graduated High School: How to deal with Nostalgia

Source: Exactly 4 years ago since I graduated High School: How to deal with Nostalgia


Exactly 4 years ago since I graduated High School: How to deal with Nostalgia

If you could have one wish would it be to revisit your past? Over the past week I’ve gone through old photos from when I was in band and choir during high school to listening to songs ranging from Avril Lavigne and the Fray to Kingdom hearts, Girls Generation and Avatar the Last Air Bender. You can probably guess the type of person I was in high school and while I may have seemed like a total “geek” I have been missing a lot of those times.


The amount of negative connotations associated with nostalgia are endless. People may assume that those who reflect on their “good ol’ days” dread living in the now. And you know what? I think people who believe that may have a point. Some individuals probably do dread living in the now because life isn’t easy. As a person who enjoys escaping reality through writing stories, reading and netflix I can’t necessarily fault individuals who choose to daydream or who take time out of their day to reflect on the past. On the other hand I believe in doing everything in moderation.

When is reflecting on one’s past life healthy or unhealthy? Is there a time to let go of reminiscing on the good ol days?

These are just a few of the questions I have about nostalgia that I do not have answers to. I only have opinions and circular thoughts that seem to have trouble setting on a solid stance. One thing I know for sure about nostalgia is that if reminiscing is preventing you from moving on or growing then I would say that is unhealthy. nostalgia

Personally, I have always looked down on reminiscing on the past because I feared it. I  believed that constantly looking at “what was” would keep me from thinking about “what could be”. Somewhere between then and now I changed.

I think what changed were my beliefs about myself. Once I learned that my past did not have to be a chain is when I realized that it can be a catalyst. Our past can serve whatever purpose we want it to for our future. We have so much agency as individuals over our own lives and sometimes we need to decide how our past experiences (good or bad) will influence our now.

I think one way to use nostalgiaprom is to ask ourselves, “what can I do today” that I will enjoy reminiscing on four years from now? In other words, “what can I do to make my now enjoyable and spectacular?”. Each person has their own answer to this question, but I think one thing we all can do is to continue to take risks and to make ourselves uncomfortable with complacency.

Some practical applications can be to discover new music instead of listening to the same songs or genre, find a new hobby and if you can travel.


Micaiah Rose

I’m Strong but not invincible

Friday I slipped at the beach and hurt my ankle. My foot had a sharp pain for a moment, but I was able to walk home to the third floor of my apartment. I iced my ankle and kept it elevated hoping that it would heal in a couple of days. That Sunday I hobbled through the streets of Gothenburg then caught a tram to the hospital. I am not the type to freak out, but instead I got really serious and really calm. I’m not saying that I wasn’t scared. I was, but I remained calm because I had to.

While I’m embarrassed that this happened I am proud of myself. The entire day I told myself that I could do it. That I would get through it and that I would be okay. I’m proud to say that I am okay.

While I was not being reckless at the beach I still did learn a few valuable lessons about self care. I learned that I am not invincible. It is that recognition of not being invincible that produces growth. I have grown by becoming more in tune with my body and what it may need. I am not the type of person who runs to the doctor for every problem, but there should be a healthy balance between taking care of yourself and seeing a professional. I could have dismissed my injury, but my body suggested otherwise. I’m glad I listened. Overall I have learned how strong I can be, but that I am not invincible.

🌹 Rosecoloredreflections

Dancing with myself

“I have an old soul and a strong heart. Like these cobbled stone streets every piece of me tells a story. I was built to stand the test of time.”

I am learning to dance with myself. To discover my patterns of behavior and how every aspect of who I am work together to form an intricate system. The past five months I have experienced while living in Sweden have been eyeopening to say the least. I have learned more about my personality, my habits and my comfort level. Living alone has challenged me to understand why I have stumbled on numerous occasions, yet I have learned how to recover. The more you dance the better you get. The more I dance with myself the more I have become in tune with who I am and where I still need to grow. But more importantly I have learned to find a rhythm of my own. While I have literally and figuratively fallen down many times, it’s always about how you recover.

Love, Micaiah Rose


Rose Coloured Reflections: Studying Abroad

Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country”. -Anais Nin

It’s hard to believe that I only have a month left in the breathtaking city of Gothenburg. Before I decided to study abroad in Sweden I did not know what I would find here. I threw myself at my dreams and dived into the unknown. Little did I know that being away from all things familiar would be where I found a new life, new friends and a new love for cultures and for Sweden, which I now call my second home.

Sweden has taught me that time goes quickly and as the school year comes to an end I know that I did it all. I had a snowball fight in the fresh winter snow, hiked through the forest of the Archipelago and collected shells along the island shores. While peregrinating through cobblestone streets of Europe I gazed upon buildings rich with history from Haga in Gothenburg to the Notre Dame in Paris. I knew that I would be changed by studying abroad, but I was not aware of how deeply and subtlety the change would come. Most importantly, what I have learned is that I have the capacity to make my dreams a reality.
If you are toying with the idea of studying abroad I have two words for you—do it. You will not regret it and doing so will be the best choice you can make for yourself. 


To my friends who are graduating

You made it! The long road towards completing your undergrad has come to a close and I am so proud of you. For some of you reading this I know the deep struggles that you have overcome and the countless hours that you put in to make it to this long awaited time in your life.As you walk across that stage with the bright lights 13-super-cool-graduation-cap-ideasshinning down ( or most likely in your face) remember that this is just the beginning. The future is brighter than what any of us can comprehend.

Some of you 11-super-cool-graduation-cap-ideashave overcome struggles no one is aware of and only God knows how hard you fought to make it, but guess what? You did it! YOU reading this are an inspiration to me and more than you realize, so hold your head up high and take the time to celebrate. Whether you’re with family or celebrating alone do so in a way that is special to you. Take photos, laugh, cry and trust that you’ll be okay.  I’m sure you remember the day you walked onto your new campus “bright eyed and mystified” by everything around you. Keep that curiosity laced with expectancy about the endless possibilities that now await you.9-super-cool-graduation-cap-ideas

To my friends who graduated last semester or last year keep fighting the good fight. Trust God’s timing and keep challenging yourself to grow even more. This can be done in little teeny-weeny steps or in dramatic moves, but either way keep persisting. Keep fighting for your dreams and stay hungry. God has great plans for you!

With love and hugs,