The end. The beginning. And the rebirth of my blog!

Hello friends!

I am so excited to revive my blog from the dead, but first I should apologize for disappearing off the face of the earth for 7 weeks! I was having the time of my life in both Lillehammer and Oslo, Norway while studying like crazy during my time at the Intentional summer school. But alas, I am back in sunny California! I figured that since I was away for quite some time and because I have made some new friends over the past couple of weeks that I should reintroduce my blog and my vision for it.

To provide a brief sparks note version in one sentence: My vision for this blog is to simultaneously provide a space for unfettered reflection and for individuals to find a place of peace, familiarity and newness in this small corner of the internet. I believe that  story telling is powerful and that we can all be empowered by the trials and triumphs of others. I hope is that although I will be creating the content for this blog that through your comments we can all learn something from each other.


Behind the name: Rose Colored Reflections

The name has a double meaning. For the purposes of this blog I go by Micaiah Rose. So in essence this blog is about how I see the world and my general reflections on life and my experiences. The second meaning is about unmasking the rose colored images portrayed in social media. As someone who is typically very guarded, I have embarked on a journey to let me guard down. I believe that there is strength in vulnerability, yet often in society being vulnerable is seen as a weakness (especially as a black woman). While I am still learning this daily, I hope that others will be able to relate in seeing that our capacity to be vulnerable is a superpower.

Why do I blog: I decided to start  blogging for a multitude of reasons, but generally I have found that when I am overwhelmed by deep emotion I start writing. I may write about the fading colors of the sunset or about nonsense in my diary, but either way I know that I must write.  My blog is a way to share with individuals my views of the world and how I have worked to navigate its depths.

What is my blog about? (Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel)

This blog is about my personal experiences such as navigating college, the exploration of my sense of fashion and the expansion of my world views. I plan to 19894964_1383425985039819_5080155454782937059_n.jpgshare new interests that I encounter such as artwork, books, travel, self-motivation and life advice. I simply desire to share things that are prone to feeding the soul.

A brief blurb about me:

I was born and raised in Northern California and am in my final year of undergrad pursuing my BA in Sociology and a minor Peace and Conflict Resolution. If you asked me where I feel most at home I would have to say I feel at home in diverse settings and with people from all over the world. I have a creative soul. From choreographing dances, to writing and playing the flute, and my new hobby of video editing; creating is one of my deepest passions.

About the featured photo:

The featured photo is a sculpture by the Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland who lived until 1946. This photo specifically illustrates in his fountain of life a girl haphazardly plunging into woman20292639_1444836432220414_3245706336631235779_nhood. I took this photo at sunset when my time in Oslo was drawing to its end. An ending of one chapter of life and the beginning of a new. It only seemed befitting to post this photo as I enter again into a new chapter of my own life.

Thanks for reading!




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