What is your biggest regret? Part 1

Hello loves!

I just saw this video on facebook about people’s biggest regretsĀ and it spoke volumes. I figured I would share my biggest regret with you just in the hopes to help others know that they can be honest with themselves, and through doing so find a way to move on.

So here it goes,

My biggest regret is pretending. Fooling myself that I was giving it my all in many areas in my life while in reality I was taking it easy. I regret giving just enough and not giving it my all. While I could travel across the world and live on my own I still fear failure at times and I still fear the unknown. You would think that the fear of failure would propel people to do all they can do to not fail, but for me it meant playing it safe.

IMG_0064Little by little I have taken steps to grow and to challenge myself, but I know that in some areas I still give just enough. But life’s greatest moments are never from giving just enough, but by pursuing life passionately or through giving up control and trusting that God has a plan. Again, not pretending…


I had the opportunity to attend a UC in California, but I was afraid to leave home. I regretted not going for years after I attended a state college. But guess what? God opened doors for me. Doors I don’t believe I would have found if I had attended that other college. I met my amazing boyfriend who has made me a better person and I created an academic plan that makes sense for me. Unique opportunities at my home University found me and I am so thankful to Jesus for His love. That he has a plan for me even though I may not understand it all.

Ultimately, even though we may have or might not have done something we are still living. New opportunities can find us everyday if we are open to them. We may have to step a little out of our comfort zone, but they are waiting to find us and can do so in the most unexpected ways.

If you have any experiences or ideas in overcoming regret I would love to hear your story.


Micaiah Rose


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