Solo Traveling Planning Kit: Part 1!

Hello there 🙂

If you are here then that can mean just one thing! You have an interest in traveling solo and more importantly you may be looking for ways to have your time abroad run as smoothly as possible. While we can certainly use our phone to keep track of much of the important information necessary for our survival, when our phones fail we need a plan B.

When I was abroad in Paris, I did not have access to the internet except when I crashed at cafes for an hour or so to plan my next move. What really helped me was doing everything the old fashioned17619564_1321936617843730_267690874_n way. That’s right. Carrying around a journal and using pen and paper.

I literally used my little brown notebook for everything! I wrote down directions, and essential phone numbers such as the contact information for all of the embassies for every country that I was planning on visiting.

For those who like decorating as much as they enjoy planning I created this easy page to help you organize some of your trip!

I hope this helps! Have fun, be open to new experiences and be safe!

Love, Micaiah Rose 

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