I’m Strong but not invincible

Friday I slipped at the beach and hurt my ankle. My foot had a sharp pain for a moment, but I was able to walk home to the third floor of my apartment. I iced my ankle and kept it elevated hoping that it would heal in a couple of days. That Sunday I hobbled through the streets of Gothenburg then caught a tram to the hospital. I am not the type to freak out, but instead I got really serious and really calm. I’m not saying that I wasn’t scared. I was, but I remained calm because I had to.

While I’m embarrassed that this happened I am proud of myself. The entire day I told myself that I could do it. That I would get through it and that I would be okay. I’m proud to say that I am okay.

While I was not being reckless at the beach I still did learn a few valuable lessons about self care. I learned that I am not invincible. It is that recognition of not being invincible that produces growth. I have grown by becoming more in tune with my body and what it may need. I am not the type of person who runs to the doctor for every problem, but there should be a healthy balance between taking care of yourself and seeing a professional. I could have dismissed my injury, but my body suggested otherwise. I’m glad I listened. Overall I have learned how strong I can be, but that I am not invincible.

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