Dancing with myself

“I have an old soul and a strong heart. Like these cobbled stone streets every piece of me tells a story. I was built to stand the test of time.”

I am learning to dance with myself. To discover my patterns of behavior and how every aspect of who I am work together to form an intricate system. The past five months I have experienced while living in Sweden have been eyeopening to say the least. I have learned more about my personality, my habits and my comfort level. Living alone has challenged me to understand why I have stumbled on numerous occasions, yet I have learned how to recover. The more you dance the better you get. The more I dance with myself the more I have become in tune with who I am and where I still need to grow. But more importantly I have learned to find a rhythm of my own. While I have literally and figuratively fallen down many times, it’s always about how you recover.

Love, Micaiah Rose



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