To my friends who are graduating

You made it! The long road towards completing your undergrad has come to a close and I am so proud of you. For some of you reading this I know the deep struggles that you have overcome and the countless hours that you put in to make it to this long awaited time in your life.As you walk across that stage with the bright lights 13-super-cool-graduation-cap-ideasshinning down ( or most likely in your face) remember that this is just the beginning. The future is brighter than what any of us can comprehend.

Some of you 11-super-cool-graduation-cap-ideashave overcome struggles no one is aware of and only God knows how hard you fought to make it, but guess what? You did it! YOU reading this are an inspiration to me and more than you realize, so hold your head up high and take the time to celebrate. Whether you’re with family or celebrating alone do so in a way that is special to you. Take photos, laugh, cry and trust that you’ll be okay.¬† I’m sure you remember the day you walked onto your new campus “bright eyed and mystified” by everything around you. Keep that curiosity laced with expectancy about the endless possibilities that now await you.9-super-cool-graduation-cap-ideas

To my friends who graduated last semester or last year keep fighting the good fight. Trust God’s timing and keep challenging yourself to grow even more. This can be done in little teeny-weeny steps or in dramatic moves, but either way keep persisting. Keep fighting for your dreams and stay hungry. God has great plans for you!

With love and hugs, 





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