I’m not graduating on time and guess what? I am completely fine with it!

Before this semester (Spring 2017) I made a personal decision that I would16735875_1279742202063172_1208309865_n graduate on time and with the rest of my class, but studying abroad changed my goals and perspective on college.

For those who do not know me I am majoring in Sociology and minoring in Peace and Conflict Resolution (and am hoping to also gain a minor in government). I entered college with some AP credit and for a few years only took 12 units before I realized that taking only 12 units would put me 3 units behind each semester. Once I realized I was behind I increased my workload and began taking at least 15 units.

I have been living in Sweden for five months now and during that time that I realized how quickly a semester and undergrad in general can fly by. As my time in Sweden draws to a close
17622129_1325699410800784_1438636395120179886_o (1)I am eager to make the most of my time in Scandinavia and of my final year in college.

People have great reasons for wanting to finish in four years, but for me I know there are just a few more things that I had to accomplish before I completed my undergrad.

I could have graduated in four years, but if I chose to leave right now I know that I would have not set myself up for getting into a great graduate program. I chose to extend my studies so I could participate in the Model U.N and possibly the McNair scholar program. If I did not extend my studies I would not have had the chance to be a Peace Scholar and represent my university in Norway.

My point is that everyone has their own time frame and sometimes we can rush to finish and possibly miss out on opportunities. If there’s anything that I have learned in college, it is that God has his perfect timing and what is meant for you will find you. Don’t try to follow what others are doing, but take your time because your undergraduate years are some of the most important years for establishing a solid foundation.

Love, Micaiah Rose


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