Truly Living: A Poem about Comfort zones

One of the biggest things that can hold us back are our fears. There are new heights to be reached, but sometimes our past can hold us back or hinder us from discovering just how capable we truly are. I have been reflecting on my time abroad in Sweden and the importance of constantly expanding our comfort zones and proving our fears wrong. This poem is simply a summarized version of how I’ve been feeling.

I dream of other worlds beyond my comfort zone                                                                          Worlds worth exploring…                                                                                                                    For not until I leave this fortress fortified with fear                                                                     Will I truly begin to live…18072588_1345931752110883_245143900_n.jpg

Living on my own in Sweden has taught me a lot about breaking free from fears and comfort zones. Fears are so easy to believe and comfort zones tug away at our dreams so easily. Complacency can easily slide its way into our lives and dictate our actions. Our biggest weapon against fear, comfort and complacency is how we inspire ourselves daily. Surround yourself with whatever inspires you to seek out new challenges!


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