One Dress Many Looks

17887508_1341717682532290_327565750_oWe might have numerous reasons as to why our wardrobe is a bit limited. We could be traveling with a small amount of luggage space or working towards living a more minimalist lifestyle. Either way, here are numerous looks you can pull off, with just a few different accessories.

  1. The first look is one that reminds me of summer in central California. The days are blazing hot and sunny, and the ev
    enings  can cool off just slightly. A shawl for the evening will keep the breeze off your shoulders and a simple hat can keep the sun off of your face. A cute necklace can als18042729_1341717822532276_1569085851_oo go with this look or you can just rock your bare                                                     collarbones!

2. For more of an elegant look I pulled my hair back and adorned it with a cute floral hair tie. C18015903_1341717645865627_72112879_olaire’s often has many of these, but you can also make your own by heading to the dollar store and buying fake flowers, a hair tie and a hot glue gun to bind them to
gether. It’s super cute and you won’t be paying an arm and a leg at Claire’s! The earrings I am wearing were from the Harvest Festival where numerous vendors often sale hand made jewelry, but Etsy is a great place to look as well!

3. If you’re living in a location that has unpredictable weather such as Goteborg, Sweden where it may be sunny, rain and then snow all in the same day, then this next look is for you! If you’re still in the m18015866_1341841005853291_1565236497_oood for a dress, but you
want to stay warm here’s what you can do!  I have a pink cardigan acting as a vest underneath a longer gray blazer. Over that I have a forest green light weight rain proof jacket. It honestly keeps me incredibly warm and dry, and the great part is that it is not too heavy or bulky! I received it as a gift, but the brand is called “waterproof”


Love, Katelynn Rose


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