The Hidden Woman: Nourishment

I used to think that I was awkward and I hated that about myself. Now that I have lived on my own I have had the ability to embrace who I am and what my interest are. I have lived with my mother and two sisters my entire life and for a long time I questioned what were my interest and what interest I received from my siblings.


Living on my own has helped me learn to distinguish between who I am and who my DSC_0059family is. I know that sounds incredibly weird, but it is true. For the past two years I have been soul and “self” searching to discover what it truly means to be me.

While I have learned a lot over the years I feel that these past few months have only helped me continue to move forward on that journey. What I have come to realize is that we will never “find” our true selves. Finding our true self implies that there is an end point in our capacity to grow. Our true self is one that keeps growing and our habits, interest, and self-care simply nourish our ability to grow into an even better person.



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