Relationship Thoughts: Commitment

Often times when people think about long distance relationships and commitment immediately the word “trust” is what comes to mind. While trust is important, that is not necessarily what I am talking about for this blog post. I am talking about the daily routines of both individuals in the  relationship and the importance of integrating your loved one into your life.

15995740_1527453150628743_505743497_nI have noticed that living on my own has made me become almost too comfortable existing in my own company. While I see friends and I talk to my family, I have become more of a recluse when it comes to investing a significant amount of time in getting to know those around me. With that being said in the context of my relationship, I am wondering if I have stopped trying to get to know my boyfriend on more of an intimate level.

For those who do not know, I am currently in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend which began last August. I will probably only see him for a few weeks this upcoming August since we attend colleges on opposite sides of the United States. I am also studying abroad in Sweden at the moment, which does nothing to help with the time difference.

I feel that a few months ago this point we would both include each other in our daily lives by texting throughout the day and webcaming every night, but that has decreased significantly over the past month. 16652605_1801915410060897_1955184259_n


I have noticed that we both have begun to withdraw into our own activities and it scares me. I feel that I am used to living on my own without having my boyfriend around. What scares me more is the fear that he might feel the same way. I have come to wonder if our commitment to each other will continue decrease as time goes on. I don’t doubt his love for me and I don’t doubt his commitment to me in the sense that he will always love me, but in regards to the small daily routines that contribute to the future of our relationship I worry. I worry that we are too comfortable apart. Perhaps it’s supposed to be that way. I suppose that I need to trust that he still misses me.IMG_0285.JPG

I know that I need to talk with him about this and do more than just talking. If we are both serious about each other which I am confident that we both are, then we will need to collaborate and create some sort of game plan. The greatest challenge is not having our relationship become stagnant because of the distance.

Let me know your thoughts if you have gone through a long distance relationship, or if you are not in a long distance relationship but have an opinion on the idea of daily commitment


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  1. long distance relationship isn’t for everyone. some people can make it work, and some can’t. It all depends on your commitment level in the relationship. I also was in a long distance relationship. I am now happily married, 5 years and still going strong. Good luck!


    1. Thanks! Yeah, I know what you mean! I know that my boyfriend and I can make it through, but it’s finding ways to keep growing together while we’re apart and finding new and exciting things to do while we’re apart. Early on we would watch some shows on netflix while webcaming which was really nice Do you have any recommendations on things to do ? Thanks for commenting and for your insight! 😀


      1. In my case, we didn’t do anything while we were apart, so we would be on the phone all day all night, talking texting, facetiming, skyping every single day, until it was time to see each other again. And the ecxitement when we see each other is the best feeling ever! we did the long distance for a year and decided to move in together, because we couldn’t handle to be away from each other any longer.Is there anything beside watching a movie together you can do while apart? Im not sure


    1. Yeah, I know what you mean! I guess what it all really comes down to is if you still care about the person and if you still want to be with them. Relationships are fluid and I guess it’s just remembering that. Thanks for your input!

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