Why I keep V(B)logging

Honestly, vlogging is not easy and sometimes the process can be discouraging. You can spend hours on a video that hardly anyone might watch and when you create a perfect video your computer can crash as mine just did! The entire process is not an easy one, yet it is not meant to be. Everyone starts a blog at some point in their life now days, but it takes determination, DSC_0025.JPGconfidence and a deep desire to obtain the goals that you have set for yourself. Over the course of these past four months I have almost given up blogging, but deep down I know that I cannot. I refuse to fail at blogging/vlogging and I will simply push to become even better.

If you’re having a hard time vlogging/blogging, know that you are not alone. If you are determined to see your blog through to the end then you can do it! It is important to understand why you are blogging/vlogging and that is a question I had to consistently ask myself.

I vlog for a few reasons. I need to become more articulate, and hearing myself speak out loud
helps me to understand how I sound to other people and how to what I do not like. At the same time vlogging helps me to embrace what is unique about me and to see myself through the eyes of how others may see me. Through these vlogs my boyfriend and I are able to collaborate while we are still in a long distance relationship. I feel that it brings us both closer.

I blog because I love to write. I have kept a consistent journal for 10 years and it is a way for me to let go of thoughts that tend to swirl around in my head. I have learned a lot through my life experiences and wish to help those who are going through similar situations. I am in a long distance interracial relationship. I am in my final year of college and am learning to become more comfortable in my own skin. While everyone may not have the same circumstances, I hope that there is an underlying message of motivation and inspiration in every post I publish.

Vlogging/Blogging is a way to prove to myself that I can accomplish a daunting goal. I feel like I was a “nobody” in high school. I was not popular and I did not have a platform to really get my ideas out to be heard. I feel that vlogging/blogging is a way for me to do that and to throw away the old beliefs that I had about myself while growing up. This blog is a personal path that I hope will help others.

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Love, Katelynn Rose



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