Why Travel to Paris during times of terror?

Hey everyone, so I recently booked a flight to Paris which is to leave Tuesday morning. I was over the moon about seeing a country and a city I truly never believed that I would be able to visit. I do not come from a wealthy background and was even homeless during a time in high school, so a spring break in Paris is something I never imagined! By God’s goodness things have turned around and I am going farther in life then I would have ever assumed I’d go.

So, for those who do not know, I am studying abroad in Sweden! I have not left Gothenburg since I have arrived and I have been itching to see more of Europe! Last week I booked a ticket to Paris found an amazing hostel for only 13 euros a night! My resident permit came in time and everything seemed like it would be the perfect trip! Then today I found out DSC_3559.JPGthat there was a shooting at one of the International Airports in Paris and for the second time since I’ve been in Europe the realization that things are not truly as safe and “perfect”  as one can start to believe when they’re studying abroad and living their dream.

Some of you may ask, “Well why are you still going to Paris?” My question back to them would be “why then live at all”? What I mean by this is that I cannot live my life in fear of “what ifs”. I could stay in one city my entire life and be killed by a drunk driver or a freak accident like a stray bullet.

I would not recommend traveling to North Korea or Somalia or countries that are high risk, but in regards to terrorist attacks, they are truly unpredictable and everywhere. Global terrorism is unfortunately part of the world we live in, and all you can really do is pray for protection and be wise when you are traveling overseas.

With that said, if you would like to travel with me to Paris follow me on YouTube! 😀

Thanks for reading!

-Love Katelynn Rose


2 thoughts on “Why Travel to Paris during times of terror?

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  1. I really hope you enjoy yourself in Paris 😊 I understand what you mean about not worrying about living life in fear from a bunch of what ifs. I tell my friends and family if I travel out of country and something happens to me at least I’ll die happy. Just make sure you be safe though!

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    1. Haha yes safety first for sure! When I was in Paris, the UK was attacked and there were so many police in the streets and they were armed and even in the metro station. For the first time I was scared being in Europe and reality hit me. I have no regrets going to Paris, but yes we can’t let fear hold us back 🙂

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