Happy 10 year Anniversary to my Positive Self Journey!

As a fictional writer I often focus on the beginning and ending of chapters in the great novels, and I have come to see my own life as a story with the plot still ever unfolding.I began my journey for developing a positive self-concept in March of 2007 when I received my first journal from my grandma when we went shopping at World Market in California. My family was in 17142181_1299635136740545_2052421270_o-1troubled times and I realized that the only way for me to move forward and overcome everything that was happening around me was to write it all down and release it. Just like one might write messages in a balloon and watch it fade into the clouds, I wrote my thoughts down to the LORD by sending up my hurts and pains to His very capable hands.

Ten years later I still find myself writing and releasing… Only now I am also dreaming.I have come to understand that in all those great tales that the protagonists are all the same. They all have a dream, a vision and a purpose. I am realizing that I cannot pursue my life’s mission while being chaineddown to doubt,fear and insecurities. I need to out run and out perform the thoughts that seek 17101548_1299626033408122_774076661_o.jpgto bind me. While I still have a long way to go I can say that I am in a better place than I was 10 years ago. God has shown himself faithful. I am at the end of my third journal and with that the third chapter of my life. It has been filled with some of the most earth shattering experiences that have challenged the very core of my faith,yet God is always faithful. He has shown me the reality of His love and His goodness.




What is different than the great tales I’ve grown up with is the truth that not only one person is destined for greatness. There is not just a chosen one, but you have been chosen to influence the world around you. With God you can go farther than you have ever dreamed. So I say to you, begin a positive self journey of your own. Write down your fears, insecurities and struggles then release them.Write down your goals, aspirations and dreams then cling to them.

Your chains are broken so keep pushing forward!

Love, Katelynn Rose


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