Pose for the Camera and Keep on Blogging

So some of you have known this already, but I have been experimenting with my look! Part of it I would say is wanting to branch out and throw off the fear of judgement that I feel I would get from those around me. Growing up in high school I always heard people throw around16930968_1291255294245196_1508260232_o the word “posers”. Hearing others face such intense ridicule from their “friends”  influenced my decision to try not to standout and to stick with wearing what I was comfortable in.


If you asked me to describe my style. I honestly couldn’t tell you.  I suppose you could say it’s “sugar, spice and everything nice”! I enjoy having my dainty days and edgy looks and I feel like both are equally me. I love the structured blazers and floral patterns. With that said I am still learning. I have had fashion flops growing up and honestly still do at times .I am still learning what I like and have realized that my likes and dislikes will change over time.


I worried that if I started wearing more makeup people would again think that I am a “poser” or “trying too hard”. I also worried that people would assume that I do not feel confident and pass their silent conjectures as to why I have chosen to wear more make up. None of those are the reasons on why I have started to blog and why I have decided to try new styles and looks. I am doing what I like. I love writing as you can tell and I love posting positive ideas, looks and events!

For those who might call you a poser, well pose for the camera and keep on walking…


Love, Katelynn Rose


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