Don’t Diss the Dresses: Swedish Winter Fashion

16763569_1282564658447593_597248970_oOver the past few years I have fallen in love with long dresses and relish in the sense of confidence and elegance that they seem to emanate. For a while I did not dare to wear a dress during the winter time in Sweden and stuck to my base layers, fleece leggings and jeans accompanied with thick sweaters.

Unfortunately, I only brought two dresses with me because of the limited amount of space I had in my luggage. After a month of living in Sweden in the middle of January and February and enduring the occasional wind chill and foggy days, I was longing for my dresses again and was starting to feel the struggle of creating a travel, life and fashion blog with such a limited supply of clothing. There’s no way I can buy a ton of clothes here since my budget and luggage space is limited. The next best thing was to jazz up my wardrobe by adapting my dresses for the cold. Below are a few ways you can style this same dress and tank top for the colder seasons!

Winter/Fall Looks :

16775945_1282564708447588_332335571_o In this photo I am wearing a long black dress with a long sleeve black shirt underneath. The long sleeve shirt is a V neck which works nicely with the tank top. Pairing a thick scarf can also work to keep your body heat from escaping and from the cold getting in. Under my dress I have a pair of stockings and leggings.16804722_1282610138443045_2110166413_o For my feet I have wool socks that you can find at Big Five sporting goods and/or camping supply stores. My boots that I purchased here in Sweden from Skopunkten came with fleece lining! You can also pair this outfit with a cute necklace. My choice would be a cute stone necklace matching the blue/green colors of the tank top. Unfortunately my chain broke, so you won’t see it in this photo.

*My shoes are featured on my instagram page!


If you are looking for something a little less layered adding a shawl can work to keep the wind off your shoulders for those days when winter is transitioning into spring time. If you would like to change your outfit to something a bit more edgy a leather jacket can also pair quite nicely with a simple black dress and tank top.

*Every item shown (besides the boots) were thrifted!! 😀 I’m sure the entire outfit is under $20 bucks! If you’re looking for thrift stores in Nor Cal or Gothenburg, Sweden feel free to ask in the comments!

I hope this helped give you some ideas on how to pull off dresses for those cold winter months.

Love, Katelynn Rose

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