16729972_1279741608729898_1453266452_nThere is something beautiful about the simple things… Flowers in snow or old lights in a crowded coffee shop. Each  of those moments have been a “fortunate happenstance” and a pleasant surprise. The word serendipity has always held such depth to me, and while I do not believe that things happen by chance, I do believe that we can be pleasantly surprised by things that we do not
expect or things that are often overlooked.

In a store full of valentine’s day roses, the baby’s breath
was the cheapest flower and sadly was overlooked compared to all of the other floral arrangements around it. I wonder if at times we feel the same way. Overlooked. Insignificant. 16729607_1279742412063151_643066419_nTo me the b16754662_1279758825394843_1725744168_naby’s breath
was a pleasant surprise and seemed to hold more meaning to me than the gorgeous roses that surrounded it. Roses are a thing given to me by someone who loves me; however, I wanted baby’s breath to be a gift I give to myself… to attach a meaning to a flower that often is only sought after to enhance the beauty of others.

I once passed a simple wall in a hostel with a red heart balloon painted on it. The wall was beautiful; however, was often passed without a second glance… I hope to look at this wall again before I leave to return home… It’s the simple things that make the world beautiful.

Swedendipity is my hope that the beauty that has crossed my path here in Sweden will find me again in new and familiar things…

Empty Streets and busy coffee shops

Lights that illuminate the simple things…. Dangling above with bright eyes watching and waiting watching and waiting…

Time has passed yet the lights still shine waiting for whom they can rest upon. Where would be be without such simple things, yet how often we pass such very things….


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