Rules? What Rules: Swedish Fashion and my “law breaking” mugshot!


16650619_1276019522435440_580471015_oOkay, so this is a topic I wanted to write on for a while. Before I arrived in Sweden my friends from the U.S informed me that everyone in Sweden dresses up and that when they arrived that they always felt under dressed.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so the best way to describe it is this photo of my boyfriend and I. He looks super stylish and put together in this photo while me on the other hand not so much.  What I have deducted is that fashion is a big deal and not a big deal at thimg_1463e same time for many in Sweden. I have noticed some fashion trends, but many seem to have their own sense of fashion often times including a mixture of vintage thrift store clothing and high end coats with huge fur hoods and lining. While there are fashion trends in Sweden the fact that it does not seem like everyone is wearing the same thing is actually quite refreshing!

Another thing that I have picked up about fashion in Sweden is that it seems like here, anything and everything can go together. My professor often (every class so far) has prided himself on his outfit and the uniqueness of how might pair the patterns of his poke-dot  pocket square with  his flannel shirt and perhaps brightly colored pants. 16667303_1276019832435409_1596267587_o

This trend for “wearing what you like” is not simply a rule for the younger generation; however, I will also notice some of the older generation wearing bright red pants or shopping in the teen section. I won’t go as far to say it is extremely common, just that it did not seem uncommon.

Inspired by the “no rule” rule, I decided to try my hand at creating an outfit I would not typically wear at home in the U.S. While my wardrobe is limited since I am studying abroad the rest of these photos are what I was inspired to put together. What I have learned is that sometimes we create own limitations in regards to what we believe we can pull off. I say try a different style or a new piece that stretches your comfort zone every once in a while. You might just end up surprising yourself on how much your style can expand.

Thanks for reading!

Love, KatelynnRose16650996_1276019422435450_714839673_o


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