Moving away and how to prepare!

Today is the start of my three weeks left in California before I leave home for the first time! I will be living in Sweden for 6 months and in Norway for 6 weeks at the International Summer school is Oslo! The reality that I will taking on life while flying solo is finally starting to hit me and to be honest I am constantly unsure if I can actually move across the Atlantic and live an independent life in Europe!

Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine and the fact that I will be doing so is incredibly daunting!As I work on organizing myself on this long journey my hope is that this blog will help inspire
you to become organized, and perhaps even take on a few adventures of your own!


Advice for making those much-needed preparations:

One great tip I learned is that self-organization is key! Pause and write down everything that you need to do in a journal. I advise a journal because it is easier to keep track of then simply a piece of paper; however, your phone can work just as well.

Things to include in your journal can range from

  • bills that you need to pay before you leave
  • documents required for entry into the country such as
    • your passport
    • letter of acceptance to your new university
    • health insurance
    • housing contract and your important banking information

WRITE DOWN YOUR PASSWORDS and keep them in a safe and secret location. Seriously, when you have so much that you are juggling and preparing for, forgetting a password is the last thing you want to deal with.

A great tip when organizing your journal is to divide the pages into different categories such as:

  • due dates for the month
  • important documents that you may need to prepare
  • morning routine/ hygiene products / hair products necessities
  • outfits and accessories.
  • emergency/first aid kit
  • night routine
  • Personal essentials


If you are studying abroad having essential study items is a must have! While you can purchase school supplies in the country you will be living in, there are a few items I plan to bring with me such as one cute notebook and sticky notes. If you are going to an area that rains often or if you know that you need stimulation from time to time, surrounding yourself with bright colored school supplies will help break up the monotony of your school day.

More packing and traveling tips to come! ❤ Stay tuned weekly!

Love Katelynn Rose 


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