Step by Step

Three years ago at this time I was preparing for my first trip outside of the United States. As a child I traveled through the United States from Washington State all the way to Florida. Those childhood adventures birthed in me a deep desire explore my surroundings.

Now that I am entering into my final year of college I am excited to say that I will be embarking on an adventure I always dreamed of doing. I have always wanted to study abroad; however, the dream did not truly seem obtainable until the beginning of the Fall 2016 semester. I had suppressed my desire for too long,however, everyday at my job (Study Abroad Office)I was reminded of my dream and the reality that it was possible.

The first time I left the country was when I traveled to Mexico to help at a local orphanage and during that time I fell in love with the people, the culture and the excitement of taking in new surroundings and new realities. I was beyond all familiar things and realized I wanted more!

The following year I embarked on a journey to India to help at the local churches. I was able to see the city lights flickering throughout the city of Bangalore, navigate the intricate traffic mixed with motorcycles, families and cows. My feet walked the grounds of the Mysore Palace and the temple grounds in Madurai.

If I only traveled as far as fear would have allowed me, I would not have reached a deeper level of understanding. Of understanding the depths of myself in such a huge and magnificent world.

I am excited to move to Sweden in less that 42 days! I will be in Goteborg for 6 months than Oslo, Norway for 6 weeks. I am scared, but I am more excited to discover a deeper level of who I am amidst the unknown.


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