On the doorstep of my dreams: Preparing for Goteborg

As a student assistant at the Study Abroad office on my campus I often would give presentations on how students should go abroad and speak about the adventures that await them. I believed what I was saying until I found myself on the other side… getting ready to dive into the unknown of not only living in a different country, but moving out and actually living on my own for the first time and away from everyone and everything that I know.

I feel like no amount of binge watching youtube videos or reading blogs can prepare me for what I am about to experience. It still hasn’t truly hit me that I will be studying abroad in Goteborg next semester. I think part of my hesitance is still making sure I have enough money to actually sustain myself and enjoy myself when I’m there TT.TT!  But money aside, I guess it is hard to actually picture doing something completely out of my comfort zone. It’s a daunting experience when you are at the doorstep of your dreams. Your dreams seem so much larger and intimidating than they did when they were just a glimmer on the horizon. A quote that comes to mind is:

“The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes”

-Kingdom Hearts

I feel that the same quote could say “The closer you get to your dreams, the more present your fears become”.  While fears are inevitable, dwelling on them is a choice. You can focus on the light and realize that its the light that’s what’s important. The dream and the reality of obtaining it verses the fears that can try to seep from your consciousness.

I am in the process of reinventing my fears to become symbols that my dreams are becoming more and more of a reality.


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