Daily moments to life Habits

It’s weird how the most unexpected turn of events can be the motivation to pursue an idea or a hobby.To be honest. I do not cook that much. I know how to make basic meals, but I would like to take my cooking game up a notch. My motto for life right now is “just do it”. If there is something that you want to do or improve upon. Just do it!

For me, there are several reasons on why I want to really up my cooking game.

1). It’s about time that I learn more complex meals.
2). It’s the little steps that make a huge difference.

The second point is what I really want to focus on. As many of you know I will be entering into a LDR in a week, and it is easy to start feeling down about these sort of things. I know that both of our lives will drastically change, and while I am scared of what is to come there is no reason for me not to find a way to turn my fears around into motivation. This is where cooking comes in. While moping around is easy and can typically be an immediate action finding ways to be proactive will be better in the long run. So I am beginning my journey of being proactive in the small things to contribute to larger habits because just like “you are what you eat”, “you are what you invest your time in”.

Love KatelynnRose 



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