Finding Normal -Reinventing your Discomfort


The summer is almost drawing to a close and the Fall semester is only a week away for many of us! I have a lot of friends who are entering into their final year of college and others who are simply entering into a new phase of their lives.

Lately, I have come to notice theĀ tremendous amount of change some of us experience while in our 20’s. Many move away from home, enter into serious relationships, take on a variety of jobs, lose friends, meet new people and force ourselves to take on more responsibilities.

In a decade of constant change and growth, how do we find a sense of normality while navigating our 20’s? Is finding a way to normalcy a way to actually cope with the inevitable; that life will change and sometimes there is nothing we can do about it.

The thing is seeking out stability in the sense of routine and comfort won’t get you far. Being comfortable and being challenged have never been compatible with each other. If you are challenged, your initial response will not be a sense of comfort, yet the trick is learning how to reinvent your discomfort.

Change is like driving on the freeway for the first time. If you only take the surface roads, you may be able to reach your destination, but you are limited to how far you can travel and what you are able to experience by traveling somewhere completely different than what you are familiar with.

Driving on the freeway for the first time can be terrifying and exhilarating at the same time! The first time I drove on the freeway the hairs on the back of my neck were probably standing at attention ready for the slightest bit of disruptions to come across my path. My hands were gripped tightly around the steering wheel and I could hear pulsing in my ears. I was certainly not comfortable. I was challenged by my immediate circumstances, yet knew that I had reached a new level in my driving.

Life is the same way.

Sometimes challenges cause us to see where we still need to grow and what we may need to let go of. If we meet resistance in life, then perhaps the lessons and accomplishments on the other side are all worth it.Challenges can be a breath of fresh air. A way to sort of “clean house” within your perspectives and daily routines.

Don’t be deceived in seekingnormalcy. Seek challenges and go with the flow.

Love, KatelynnRose


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