Out with the old, in with the new?

There’s something beautiful about going to old places with someone new. Where the past and your future collide together in the present. It’s an amazing thing when visiting familiar places can make you more excited for the future by helping you to realize how far you have come and how far you still have to go.

A week ago my love and I took a day trip on train to Jacklondon Square, Oakland and then caught a spontaneous ferry ride to San Francisco. The day was beautiful. I was able to show him some of the experiences I had as a child and explore a deeper part of what makes us human.

There is something human about nostalgia. I have not yet decided if it is something good to remain in, but I know that it is beautiful.

I have not yet lived long enough to dare to say that I have much to reflect on. But nonetheless, I have seen my share of beauty and sadness. I believe that nostalgia helps us to remember the beauty in ugly times. I have not decided if it blocks out the beauty that can be found in the future.

At times we can be so desperate to hold on to the past while being in the present we fail to look at the future with the same credit we give nostalgic times.

The future can be a scary thing, but beauty can be found in it. Often, things turn out better than we expected them to.




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