Dreaming Big

So we all hear about how people glam up their lives on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. and while some may discount people’s efforts I think there are actually some benefits of seeing a life you want and going after it. With that said, I am not saying to pursue something that is not realistic like hoping to have a perfect life. Let me tell you, your life will never be perfect. What I mean is that dreaming big is beneficial.

What do you dream about? When you watch a person on T.V and think “Wow, that girl or guy is amazing.” do you picture yourself being like and believe that you can be just as amazing in your own way. 10638039_1559331960985911_1506480161_n

We all can’t be super stars, but we can all thrive at doing something. What is your talent, your passion, your motivation and your dream?

Do you feel most alive and happy when you are creating, thinking critically, performing or organizing? If so, how do your daily excitements, personality traits and hobbies tie into how you see yourself in the future?

If you can see yourself as someone who is loving, confident, passionate, intelligent, creative or motivational it’s because you already have that in you. Now it’s just nurturing that person that already exist by surrounding yourself around things that keep you motivated and passionate.

Life is not perfect and never will be, but the person you want to be is already there. You already have the potential to be the person you want to be and you can’t be hard on yourself while you’re simply on the path to making that person even better.


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