Social Therapy Part 1 – The Looking-Glass Self


Placeholder ImageCharles Cooley a well-known Social Psychologist coined the phrase “I am who I think you think I am” . Pause. Read it again, and this time very slowly.

I am. who I think you think. I am.

While this phrase explains Cooley’s theory of the Looking Glass Self, and how individuals are informed about their identity through the lens of those around them, I’m not going to simply review his ideas with you (as interesting as it is).

What we can take away from the phrase “I am who I think you think I am” (try saying that ten times fast) is what the phrase implies for our own lives.

If we are informed about our identities by others around us then that means we need to be around people who see us in a positive light, and not just in a positive light, but in a way that validates the person we are striving to become.

A good step in navigating your 20’s is by surrounding yourself around people who see you (want to see you) as the person you are trying to become. People who see and encourage the vision you have and who help you get there.

The groups that you are apart of and the people who you surround yourself with can either constrain or expand your perspective therefore contributing to how you approach and develop life goals.

If you have a passion for a goal, surround yourself with others who can see you reach that goal and who will rally around you.

Love, KatelynnRose 


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