The Senior Project: Continued

The summer of my junior year my entire junior class had to develop a senior class project, which I quote “had to be a stretch and a challenge”. While we all grumbled and complained about our project I learned a lot from that experience and I am so incredibly thankful for what my high school forced me to do. The school acknowledged each student’s capacity to accomplish something great. We had almost complete freedom as to what that project could be. I chose to do a clothes drive and a homelessness awareness week. While my project was not as successful as I had originally envisioned, I learned a lot about what I could accomplish when I set my mind to it.  That was one of the most valuable things I learned from my time in high school. I have come to realize that both high school and college are about challenging ourselves not just mentally. In high school we should learn how to be independent and in college we should ask ourselves, how can my interests and talents be coupled with my new found independence to better my surroundings?

If I am to be completely honest with you I lost sight of the importance of nurturing growth in all areas of my life. I was concerned with my grades, but not necessarily with my campus involvement. After quitting marching band because of how time consuming I found it to be I found myself simply existing on my campus. What I realized and am still coming to discover is that what truly makes college worthwhile are not the classes, but how involved you become while in college.

That is why I want to do another senior project. While my university does not require an official project I am eager to take on this challenge because I know how much I will grow from the experience. I have a few ideas as to what I want to do, and I am sure you will be hearing more about it as time goes on.

I just want to leave you with this truth that you do not have to be in  college to embark on your “senior project journey”. You can actually be a senior (haha), or you can decide that every four years you will come up with a personal project that is a stretch and a challenge. You can even find a friend or a mentor to hold you accountable.


Micaiah Rose

What is your biggest regret? Part 1

Hello loves!

I just saw this video on facebook about people’s biggest regrets and it spoke volumes. I figured I would share my biggest regret with you just in the hopes to help others know that they can be honest with themselves, and through doing so find a way to move on.

So here it goes,

My biggest regret is pretending. Fooling myself that I was giving it my all in many areas in my life while in reality I was taking it easy. I regret giving just enough and not giving it my all. While I could travel across the world and live on my own I still fear failure at times and I still fear the unknown. You would think that the fear of failure would propel people to do all they can do to not fail, but for me it meant playing it safe.

IMG_0064Little by little I have taken steps to grow and to challenge myself, but I know that in some areas I still give just enough. But life’s greatest moments are never from giving just enough, but by pursuing life passionately or through giving up control and trusting that God has a plan. Again, not pretending…


I had the opportunity to attend a UC in California, but I was afraid to leave home. I regretted not going for years after I attended a state college. But guess what? God opened doors for me. Doors I don’t believe I would have found if I had attended that other college. I met my amazing boyfriend who has made me a better person and I created an academic plan that makes sense for me. Unique opportunities at my home University found me and I am so thankful to Jesus for His love. That he has a plan for me even though I may not understand it all.

Ultimately, even though we may have or might not have done something we are still living. New opportunities can find us everyday if we are open to them. We may have to step a little out of our comfort zone, but they are waiting to find us and can do so in the most unexpected ways.

If you have any experiences or ideas in overcoming regret I would love to hear your story.


Micaiah Rose

Solo Traveling Planning Kit: Part 1!

Hello there 🙂

If you are here then that can mean just one thing! You have an interest in traveling solo and more importantly you may be looking for ways to have your time abroad run as smoothly as possible. While we can certainly use our phone to keep track of much of the important information necessary for our survival, when our phones fail we need a plan B.

When I was abroad in Paris, I did not have access to the internet except when I crashed at cafes for an hour or so to plan my next move. What really helped me was doing everything the old fashioned17619564_1321936617843730_267690874_n way. That’s right. Carrying around a journal and using pen and paper.

I literally used my little brown notebook for everything! I wrote down directions, and essential phone numbers such as the contact information for all of the embassies for every country that I was planning on visiting.

For those who like decorating as much as they enjoy planning I created this easy page to help you organize some of your trip!

I hope this helps! Have fun, be open to new experiences and be safe!

Love, Micaiah Rose 

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Exactly 4 years ago since I graduated High School: How to deal with Nostalgia

If you could have one wish would it be to revisit your past? Over the past week I’ve gone through old photos from when I was in band and choir during high school to listening to songs ranging from Avril Lavigne and the Fray to Kingdom hearts, Girls Generation and Avatar the Last Air Bender. You can probably guess the type of person I was in high school and while I may have seemed like a total “geek” I have been missing a lot of those times.


The amount of negative connotations associated with nostalgia are endless. People may assume that those who reflect on their “good ol’ days” dread living in the now. And you know what? I think people who believe that may have a point. Some individuals probably do dread living in the now because life isn’t easy. As a person who enjoys escaping reality through writing stories, reading and netflix I can’t necessarily fault individuals who choose to daydream or who take time out of their day to reflect on the past. On the other hand I believe in doing everything in moderation.

When is reflecting on one’s past life healthy or unhealthy? Is there a time to let go of reminiscing on the good ol days?

These are just a few of the questions I have about nostalgia that I do not have answers to. I only have opinions and circular thoughts that seem to have trouble setting on a solid stance. One thing I know for sure about nostalgia is that if reminiscing is preventing you from moving on or growing then I would say that is unhealthy. nostalgia

Personally, I have always looked down on reminiscing on the past because I feared it. I  believed that constantly looking at “what was” would keep me from thinking about “what could be”. Somewhere between then and now I changed.

I think what changed were my beliefs about myself. Once I learned that my past did not have to be a chain is when I realized that it can be a catalyst. Our past can serve whatever purpose we want it to for our future. We have so much agency as individuals over our own lives and sometimes we need to decide how our past experiences (good or bad) will influence our now.

I think one way to use nostalgiaprom is to ask ourselves, “what can I do today” that I will enjoy reminiscing on four years from now? In other words, “what can I do to make my now enjoyable and spectacular?”. Each person has their own answer to this question, but I think one thing we all can do is to continue to take risks and to make ourselves uncomfortable with complacency.

Some practical applications can be to discover new music instead of listening to the same songs or genre, find a new hobby and if you can travel.


Micaiah Rose

I’m Strong but not invincible

Friday I slipped at the beach and hurt my ankle. My foot had a sharp pain for a moment, but I was able to walk home to the third floor of my apartment. I iced my ankle and kept it elevated hoping that it would heal in a couple of days. That Sunday I hobbled through the streets of Gothenburg then caught a tram to the hospital. I am not the type to freak out, but instead I got really serious and really calm. I’m not saying that I wasn’t scared. I was, but I remained calm because I had to.

While I’m embarrassed that this happened I am proud of myself. The entire day I told myself that I could do it. That I would get through it and that I would be okay. I’m proud to say that I am okay.

While I was not being reckless at the beach I still did learn a few valuable lessons about self care. I learned that I am not invincible. It is that recognition of not being invincible that produces growth. I have grown by becoming more in tune with my body and what it may need. I am not the type of person who runs to the doctor for every problem, but there should be a healthy balance between taking care of yourself and seeing a professional. I could have dismissed my injury, but my body suggested otherwise. I’m glad I listened. Overall I have learned how strong I can be, but that I am not invincible.

🌹 Rosecoloredreflections

Dancing with myself

“I have an old soul and a strong heart. Like these cobbled stone streets every piece of me tells a story. I was built to stand the test of time.”

I am learning to dance with myself. To discover my patterns of behavior and how every aspect of who I am work together to form an intricate system. The past five months I have experienced while living in Sweden have been eyeopening to say the least. I have learned more about my personality, my habits and my comfort level. Living alone has challenged me to understand why I have stumbled on numerous occasions, yet I have learned how to recover. The more you dance the better you get. The more I dance with myself the more I have become in tune with who I am and where I still need to grow. But more importantly I have learned to find a rhythm of my own. While I have literally and figuratively fallen down many times, it’s always about how you recover.

Love, Micaiah Rose