To the one seeking adventure, and to the one whose adventure ended


You’re scrolling Instagram doing either two things:

  1. Wishing you were living the life like your favorite influencer.
  2. Reliving the great times you had by scrolling through your own feed.
  3. (watching funny videos and living for memes) (but let’s leave that one aside shall we).

The first two points speak to the reality that some of us struggle with feeling stagnant or trapped in a job, location, relationship or something else. On the other hand some may watch old videos or gaze upon nostalgic travel photos of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or of the  Buckingham Palace wishing he or she could go back to that moment in time.

I have learned a lot since living abroad in Europe, graduating college, being out of a 3 and a half year long distance relationship and starting a new demanding job all within a year and a half.  It can be daunting and immensely challenging both in navigating new territory and returning to an old place as a changed person. It can be equally as demanding to thrive in a place where you may feel suffocated. While I am still processing how I have changed from each experience I can tell you what I have learned thus far.

  1. To the one who is yearning for adventure. Find it where you’re at until you can travel beyond where you reside. If you wish to leave your hometown, begin by traveling to places that you might want to move to. It can be the next city over or the next State over. Decide within yourself a timeline and a game plan for leaving the city that you feel is suffocating you. But in the meantime keep thriving where you’re at. If moving takes you a bit longer, at least your life won’t feel like it’s on hold.
  2. To the one whose adventure ended. Take this time to discover who you are at a slower pace. While you may not be able to travel the world forever you can find a new hobby, join a church group or spend more time with your co-workers. Find a way to go on mini adventures, whether that’s biking through your city, hiking or taking a day trip every once in a while. Doing so may help you to find yourself again, or perhaps discover a new self all together.

Ultimately, when we think of stories and adventures, they are more often tales of self discovery and of community. Whether our adventure is still yet to come of if we  are in a slower season, we can still keep moving forward by relishing in the mini excursions we claim for ourselves.

-Micaiah R.


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